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Annie Zeng

304-293-5614 Suncrest Center, 1085 Van Voorhis Rd., Ste. 310, P.O. Box 6229, Morgantown, WV 26505

Operations Coordinator


Annie Zeng is currently operations coordinator at WVU Energy Institute. Her role is coordinating and executing special projects, organizing conferences and training sessions, and developing proposals and reports. She is responsible for communication efforts among U.S. and Chinese universities, governmental agencies, national laboratories, and industrial partners to facilitate WVU’s energy rated collaboration and educational activities.

Zeng started work at WVU in 2012. She performs day-to-day administration activities and currently focuses on two ongoing programs: U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center Advanced Coal Technology Consortium and International Forum on Unconventional Gas Sustainability and the Environment. CERC is a research and development partnership between the United States and China to accelerate the development and deployment of advanced clean energy technologies, supported by public and private funding totaling $250 million over its second phase 2016-2020. INFUSE is an international training program based at WVU, sponsored by U.S. Department of State, and targeted to foreign officials from countries seeking sustainable development of unconventional gas resources.


Zeng received her bachelor's in mass communication from Beijing Broadcasting Institute (now the Communication University of China), and her master's in linguistics from West Virginia University.