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WVU Energy Researchers: 'Notice of Intent' deadline for O'Brien seed funding Sept. 20

The WVU Energy Institute is providing up to $250,000 in seed grants under the O’Brien Energy Research Fund.   The Institute is reminding faculty that the deadline for notice of intent to submit an energy proposal is Wednesday, September 20. 

The O'Brien funding announcement can be found at this link.  Note that its Appendix B (a recommended response template for the final proposal) is linked in this separate file.

WVU faculty interested in seed funding to advance energy research, STEM-centered and social science-centered, can send email to Danielle Thomas.  Indicate that you intend to or are considering submitting a proposal.  Provide a brief description of the research planned and identify other principal investigators.  The Energy Institute is available to provide support to faculty during the preparation of proposals.  Indicate in your email whether you would like the Energy Institute to assist with:

  • clarifying any of the funding opportunity requirements;
  • providing feedback and advice regarding the viability for award of a specific research concept;
  • identifying potential collaboration partners among the 140+ Energy Institute faculty research affiliates; or
  • identifying external organizations to potentially support your research.

The Energy Institute offers these seed grants thanks to a generous gift from the estate of Albert O’Brien.  O’Brien was a WVU alumnus with a degree in chemistry. He served in the Navy during World War II and was the founder and president of United Resins of Pittsgove, New Jersey and on the board of directors of Elmer Hospital. O’Brien passed away in 1992. United Resins is now known as US Cast, Inc. and owned by O’Brien’s sister Margaret McCutcheon.

Please direct all questions and requests to the FOA manager, Danielle Thomas, at or 304.293.9659.