WVU national moot court competition to tackle liquefied natural gas problem

The competition problem this year involves a liquefied natural gas facility, and whether an analysis of the environmental impacts requires consideration of the greenhouse gases that will be released when the natural gas is ultimately combusted in its foreign destination. 

“The problem also raises issues about the government’s responsibility under the public trust doctrine to preserve access to certain public resources and to clean air and water,” said James Van Nostrand, director of WVU’s Center for Energy and Sustainable Development.  

Governor’s Awards promote energy efficiency and smart manufacturing at West Virginia’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day

 Governor's Awards at the 2018 West Virginia’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day

Eagle Manufacturing Company and Bimbo Bakeries USA were presented with Governor’s Awards as inspirational businesses. The awards were co-sponsored by the Governor’s Office and WVU’s TransTech Energy Research and Business Development Program. Erika Bailey, director of the West Virginia Small Business Development Center, presented the awards.