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Dr. Qingyun Sun

Associate Director, US-China Energy Center; Governor's Assistant for China Affairs, West Virginia Development Office


Dr. Qingyun Sun is the associate director of the U.S.-China Energy Center at West Virginia University focusing on clean energy collaboration between the United States and China. Dr. Sun is also an integral member of the Advanced Coal Technology Consortium, which is a program  of the U.S.-China Clean Energy Research Center. This group is working to develop and conduct collaborative research on clean coal, carbon capture, utilization, and storage technologies with the support of the U.S. and Chinese governments as well as private sectors. 

Dr. Sun also serves the state of West Virginia to promote export and energy collaboration with China. 

He developed and conducted a series of advanced research projects on coal conversion, shale gas utilization, plasma gasification, carbon capture, utilization, and storage, and industrial waste recycling technologies. Dr. Sun specializes in coal and gas conversion technologies and is experienced in coal, shale gas, chemical, and carbon management project development, which provides him with real world experience in energy businesses.


Dr. Sun obtained his bachelor's in chemical engineering and a master's in environmental engineering in China, and he received a master's in geology and geography and a Ph.D. in soil sciences in the U.S.