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James Wood
Expertise:  energy policy, advanced power plant design and operation, power plant emissions control, carbon capture, business management, project finance and business development, international business

Sam Taylor
Expertise:  mechanical engineering, energy technology and development, cross-cutting energy research, carbon management, power grids, natural gas production and utilization, transportation energy utilization, energy geosciences, renewable energy, federal compliance and operations, economic analysis 

Trina Wafle

Expertise :  strategic planning and proposal development of large-scale research, outreach, and training programs, with regard to technologies such as solid oxide fuel cells, li-ion batteries, energy materials, carbon capture and utilization, alternative fuel vehicles, and natural gas-to-chemicals conversion

Doug Patchen
Expertise:  shale gas geology, including Marcellus and Utica, coordinated the publication of the " Appalachian Storage Hub Report for Natural Gas Liquids,"" Utica Play Book," and " Trenton-Black River Play Book"

Richard Bajura
Expertise:  national and international fossil fuel collaborations


Paul Ziemkiewicz 

Expertise:    rare earth elements, mine drainage, water quality, watershed management, biofuels, industrial site restoration, treatment of natural gas drilling brines 

Melissa O'Neal
Expertise:  water quality monitoring, watershed health

Economic Development

Carrie Staton 

Expertise:  brownfields redevelopment, community economic redevelopment, dilapidated properties, community engagement