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NETL-Regional University Alliance

Shared Intellect. Shared Laboratories. Shared Resources.

  • Collaborates with the US DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Develops and deploys safe, efficient and affordable energy technologies to power the world’s homes, industries, businesses and transportation while protecting the environment and enhancing our nation’s energy independence.
  • Combines NETL’s expertise in technology development and demonstration with the diverse capabilities of industry and university partners
  • Accelerates commercialization of advanced technologies by engaging industry early and combining experimental research with computer models to reduce the time, risk, and expense of developing new technology from design to deployment
  • Provides students and early career researchers with hands-on energy research opportunities
  • Leverages core competencies to a broader range of energy and environmental issues and clients to create new products and jobs for increased economic impact.
Richard Bajura, NRCCE Director Emeritus

Richard Bajura


Telephone: 304.293.6034

For more information, please contact Richard Bajura.