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US-China Energy Center

Promoting Affordable, Safe, Clean Technologies for Coal and Other Energy Resources

  • Operates across West Virginia University to coordinate, expand and develop linkages between:
    1. Energy and coal related research, teaching and outreach activities with China
    2. Programs related directly to activities with China
    3. New initiatives to support research and economic development activities related to US-China interactions in energy and clean coal technologies in the various colleges and units at WVU
    4. Includes an economic development component related to the development of institutional and business links between the US and China governmental units and private sector companies
  • A formal participant under the Annex II-A to the Protocol on Cooperation between the U.S. Department of Energy and the People’s Republic of China Ministry of Science and Technology in the Area of Clean Fuels

Contact Richard Bajura,   E-Mail,  Telephone:   304-293-6034

Or Qingyun Sun,  E-Mail,  Telephone:   304-293-5545

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