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The WVU Energy Institute serves to facilitate collaborative and innovative solutions to the energy future of West Virginia and the United States. 

As the central coordinating institution for energy research at the flagship, land-grant university in West Virginia, it is central to the Energy Institute's mission to work with stakeholders within the university and across the state and region to help further the land-grant mission. A key aspect of that land-grant mission is to assist in stimulating economic development in West Virginia.  

At the Energy Institute, our strategies for achieving our  2025 Strategic Goals  center around the following activities:

  • acting as the energy sector's "front door" to WVU research capabilities
  • acting as a service agent to West Virginia and region, provide expert advice and counsel to the energy sector toward coordinating and implementing a vision of West Virginia's and the region's energy future
  • envisioning, capturing, leading and generating income from large, complex, and interdisciplinary research projects and partnerships
  • serving WVU energy faculty researchers by providing capture, project management and other services
  • creating energy sector career pathways in West Virginia and the region by coordinating academic programs in energy

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