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WVU Faculty Opportunities

WISER provides the following services to affiliated WVU energy faculty and staff on select projects:    

Pre-Proposal Capture

  • anticipating funding opportunities 
  • federal budget intelligence 
  • influencing funding agency priorities 
  • advising state and federal officials  

Interdisciplinary Coordination

  • promoting and supporting large, complex interdisciplinary efforts 
  • facilitating exchange of ideas and expertise – hosting cross-college energy forums 
  • promoting and supporting interdisciplinary research centers 
  • obtaining and distributing interdisciplinary seed funding 
  • routine dissemination of information to energy affiliates 

Proposal Management

  • proposal template creation and management 
  • technical assistance, advising, and writing 
  • coordination with WVU Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) 
  • cost-share development assistance 
  • requirements analysis and compliance 
  • budget preparation and submission 
  • document management and editorial services 

Project Management

  • planning and scheduling
  • resource allocation
  • budgeting and monitoring project costs
  • quality management
  • reporting 
  • tracking actual project tasks vs. original forecasts

Commercialization Support and IP Management

  • non-disclosure and intellectual property agreements (NDA's & IPA's) 
  • commercialization strategy 
  • coordination with WVU Tech Transfer and Export Control offices 
  • feasibility and return on investment (ROI) analysis 
  • developing of licensing and spin-off packages 

Partnership Development

  • connecting faculty with private-sector and NGO partners 
  • finding cost-share partners 
  • non-traditional funding sources 

Contact Sam Taylor for more information.