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Richard Walton

304-293-9858 Chestnut Ridge Research Building P.O. Box 6229 886 Chestnut Ridge Road, Ste. 309 Morgantown, WV 26506-6229

General and Operations Manager


Richard Walton is a seasoned professional with a career spanning over two decades, characterized by a commitment to excellence in customer service, project management, and community engagement. His diverse expertise encompasses land management, energy, mining, and government relations, reflecting his adaptability and resourcefulness across various sectors. Known for his reliability and energetic approach, Richard has a proven track record of resolving customer complaints, promoting conflict resolution, and delivering projects efficiently on schedule.

Currently serving as the general and operations manager of the WVU Institute for Sustainability and Energy Research, Richard plays a pivotal role in driving the institute's mission forward. He oversees day-to-day operations, explores new research efforts, and serves as a project manager for initiatives ranging from water/wastewater research to climate pollution reduction. His experience in working with grants and government agencies, including the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, underscores his ability to navigate complex regulatory environments and foster collaborative partnerships.

Prior to his role at WISER, Walton held key positions at ACNR Resources, Inc. and Murray Energy Corporation, where he served as a regional land manager and land agent, respectively. In these roles, he managed multimillion-dollar budgets, negotiated land transactions, and liaised with stakeholders ranging from government agencies to local communities. Walton's dedication to community service is evident in his extensive volunteerism, spanning organizations such as the Marion County Parks and Recreation Commission and Habitat for Humanity.


Walton's educational background includes a Master of Public Administration from West Virginia University, complemented by a Bachelor of Arts in political science with a focus on legal studies. His certifications in conflict resolution, safety, and professional affiliations with organizations like the American Association of Professional Landmen underscore his commitment to professional development and excellence in his field. With a passion for hobbies like sporting clays, golf, and fantasy football, Walton brings a well-rounded perspective to his professional endeavors, combining expertise with a genuine enthusiasm for community engagement and personal growth.