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Interdisciplinary course to approach climate change from multiple angles


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia University will take a different approach to studying ways to solve the universal issue of climate change by offering "People vs. the Planet: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Climate" this fall. Taught by Andrea Soccorsi, the course will explore the basic assumptions about climate change and investigate its human cost through the lens of multiple disciplines in an attempt to synthesize solutions from diverse perspectives.

Through lectures, class projects, field trips, lectures in the park and essays, students will explore the ways in which their own respective disciplines may contribute to an understanding of climate change.

"I hope that students who are interested in the effects of climate change will register for this course,” Soccorsi said. I want students to understand that what they bring to the table in terms of knowledge about this issue is important. The problems of the 21st century will require multiple solutions which will come not from single disciplinary foundations but from a synthesis of these academic disciplines."