Interdisciplinary course to approach climate change from multiple angles

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. - West Virginia University will take a different approach to studying ways to solve the universal issue of climate change by offering "People vs. the Planet: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Climate" this fall. Taught by Andrea Soccorsi, the course will explore the basic assumptions about climate change and investigate its human cost through the lens of multiple disciplines in an attempt to synthesize solutions from diverse perspectives.

WVU Energy Institute director testifies before Senate Committee on energy innovation and diversity

“West Virginia University is committed to maintaining outcomes-based research programs that improve the reliability of electric generation diversity so that industry and commerce may continue to grow and provide opportunities in the Appalachian Basin and the nation,” Wood said.

In his testimony to the committee, Wood emphasized WVU’s research commitment to improve existing coal-fired power generation, recover rare earth elements from coal wastes, develop instrumentation and sensors to accurately measure fugitive emissions from shale gas wells, analyze underground geological structures to store natural gas liquids, store carbon and produce natural gas from shale formations at reduced environmental impacts.